Haupt Racing Team trusts the AELUS air purifier system

Clean air during all races – that is something the Haupt Racing Team (HRT) can now depend on. The team owned by the Munich-based entrepreneur and racing driver Hubert Haupt introduced our innovative AELUS air purifiers at the beginning of the 2022 season. The highly mobile and compact devices accompany the team to all their DTM, GT World Challenge Europe … Read More

The future of mobility at Hannover Fair

The feeling that time speeds up faster than our highest hp car – this reflects our emotions before, during and after our presentation at the internationally renowned Hannover Fair, where we presented our vision of the future of mobilty. This year, the fair stood under the motto: „Let’s create the industry of tomorrow“. For the first time, it took place … Read More

AeroVan study – Optimum values for our future van

With the 1:5 AeroVan model, Rolfhartge presents the result of a study conducted in cooperation with the HTW Saarland university and thus, a multi-purpose van already feasible today reaching optimium values concerning a minimum drag, tare weight and fuel consumption by lightweight construction and an exceptional shape. In its latest version, the study reveals a stunning result: The Rolfhartge future … Read More

VIS à VIS – new work by Rolfhartge

An all-in-one vehicle for conferences, shuttle transports and the office? Being able to hold a meeting or work right in nature? Not losing time anymore by commuting and driving to business appointments? All this and even more is made possible with the new Rolfhartge VIS à VIS van office based on the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The van incorporates the company’s vision … Read More

One legend in two stunning new designs as Rolfhartge G-Black and G-Gold based on the Mercedes-AMG G63

Two exceptional phenomenons in the world of exclusive automobiles: Designed as one-offs, made to the customers’ specifications, the vehicles are based on the most legendary of all SUVs, the Mercedes-AMG G 63, and offer its occupants maximum comfort and luxury “made in Germany”. Every individualization and enhancement shows the passion of the Rolfhartge employees, the expertise of more than fourty … Read More

Relaxation meditation on 4 wheels for the end of the year

Our last work, finished in time for Christmas: Pure relaxation in the G-Black with exclusive individual seating in distinctive Red Interior – handmade, individual one-off production.  Latest test result! AELUS filters even the finest particles, which are even smaller than corona viruses. The mobile air purifier AELUS has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus, one of the … Read More

AELUS convinces physiotherapists

Especially the mobile use convinces in the physiotherapy practice The five-member physiotherapy team Robin Freyermuth from Saarlouis, Saarland, has been using the AELUS in everyday professional life since September. The practice is characterized by stylish treatment rooms that radiate a relaxed feel-good atmosphere for all visitors. For the practice team, professional advice and treatment according to the latest standards has top priority. … Read More

Ellen Lohr becomes testimonial for AELUS

Car enthusiast, innovative, health-conscious – these attributes make motorsport icon Ellen Lohr the perfect ambassador for AELUS. Ellen Lohr is considered a true expert in German motor racing. In over 40 years of racing experience, she made a name for herself in German Formula 3, DTM, DTC, 24-hour races, truck racing, DRM and NASCAR. She is the only woman ever … Read More

Ellen Lohr takes on ambassadorial role for AELUS

Former DTM winner promotes award-winning air purification innovation from Rolf Hartge Passionate about cars, innovative, health-conscious – these are the attributes that make motorsport icon Ellen Lohr the perfect ambassador for AELUS. The mobile air purifier, for use in cars and on the road, is a new development from Rolfhartge GmbH. The device is designed to achieve maximum efficiency when … Read More