VIS à VIS – new work by Rolfhartge

An all-in-one vehicle for conferences, shuttle transports and the office? Being able to hold a meeting or work right in nature? Not losing time anymore by commuting and driving to business appointments? All this and even more is made possible with the new Rolfhartge VIS à VIS van office based on the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The van incorporates the company’s vision of an automobile that can be used as a third living space being essential for the modern business world by paving the way for a completely new way of limitless mobile working. At the same time, the van office can be used as a place for regeneration, focusing, concentration and relaxation.

The vehicle offers a smart working solution for many problems currently appearing in companies, when external appointments, business travels and longer ways to the office are necessary. Instead of losing important and valuable travel time, the VIS à VIS generates new productive time so that person hours can be used in an efficient and meaningful way.

Outstanding highlights of the van office are high-speed mobile internet (up to 300 Mbit/s with a range of 100 meters), the independent power supply courtesy of a photovoltaic system, which generates up to 400 watts of output, a power station with four 230V sockets, a collapsible overhead screen and a large, integrated high-tech multi-functional table with charging facilities offering space for up to four people. The van office combines personal and digital communication making it possible for the passengers to be connected with the world anytime and anywhere and being able to even hold conferences.

At the same time, the passengers are protected against pathogens by the integrated Rolfhartge Healthcare Package including the AELUS air purifier and the surface+ sealing for germ-reduced surfaces. In addition, electromagnetic field therapy wellness devices for the treatment of backaches, vitalization and an increased oxygen supply of the cellls can be included in the seats as well as a massage function.

The passengers can listen to relaxation music as well as sounds boosting concentration capacity and creativity via the loudspeakers with significantly improved sound quality. Whenever needed, maximum silence can be made possible by the integrated sound isolation. A removable partition to the driver’s compartment guarantees complete privacy and lets the van function as a place of retreat, too. Two adjustable and dimmable LED spotlights (1000 lux) offer best working conditions and a „starry sky“ made of more than 1000 illuminated fiberglass lights creates a relaxing atmosphere. For all lovers of the classical coffee break, the equipment of the VIS à VIS also includes a coffee and tea maker as well as a fridge.

When it comes to the exterior, the van office impresses with the possibility of a paintjob incorporating the customer’s personal corporate design including the logo and colors. Other exterior individualizations include ultralight flow forged wheels, a rear diffusor, a removable step and an aerodynamic rear spoiler – like all our enhancements, these features have a convincing exclusive design together with additional, innovative benefits – it is what we call Smart Luxury.