The Rolfhartge brand stands for innovation in technology, design, comfort, health and feel-good factor. At Rolfhartge we call these qualities “SMART LUXURY”, a unique offering that adds customer value over and above the pure driving experience.


THE Expertise


With the age old tenet of “Form follows function” in mind, the sporty and dynamic appearance of Rolfhartge automobiles underlines the clear and confident design language of the Mercedes-Benz and Maybach models on which they are based.

Elegant alloy wheels and subtle aerodynamic styling components give a Mercedes-Benz or Maybach-based Rolfhartge vehicle a unique and distinguished appearance that carries real gravitas.


Rolfhartge first stages the basic vehicle interior with the highest-quality materials such as leather, Alcantara and fine wood, and then populates this luxurious environment with innovative technology such as the interior air purification and liquid-glass coating that reduces the harmful bacteria count.

These changes result in a feel-good ambience, and with more forthcoming additional features also focused on health and wellbeing, this unique approach makes Rolfhartge the world’s first manufacturer to place health at the heart of its customer mission.

Priority is given the use of natural materials wherever possible. Thus the liquid glass coating technology is based on natural minerals, while the premium AIR PURIFIER AP CAR is made to order, and can be clothed in a personalised sheath of leather, Alcantara, or canvas.

Proudly “Made in Germany” these custom items combine craftsmanship with proven technology to meet the expected high medical and industrial standards required of a first-class product with exceptional properties.

The onward march of intelligent driver assistance and autonomous driving systems has brought us to a turning point in the history of the automobile. With the vehicle increasingly becoming the third habitat after home and workplace, it is logical to acknowledge health as the greatest wealth of all and tailor this moving living space around personal well being.


Both ride quality and handling are enhanced by lower unsprung weight, and Rolfhartge alloy wheels are manufactured using a complex flow-forming process to optimise their strength to weight ratio. Partnered with PIRELLI P ZERO tyres, each Rolfhartge wheel/tyre combination weighs around 3.0 kg less than a comparable standard wheel/tyre.

The resulting 12.0 kg reduction in rotating unsprung mass corresponding approximately to a 70.0 kg reduction in total vehicle weight, and driving dynamics benefit from the improved ability of the tyres to maintain full contact with the tarmac under hard acceleration, braking and cornering. Apart from enhanced primary safety the reduced inclination of the wheels to patter over bumps also reduces tyre induced road noise.


tradition, experience, innovation

Rolf Hartge has over 40 years of experience in the development and production of exclusive automobiles. An entrepreneur with petrol running in his veins, Hartge has excelled at various roles in the automobile trade and industry; as a BMW dealer, BMW tuner, and a racing driver with many national and international level podium finishes.

Later he partnered with major car manufacturers in a joint-development role, his company recognised as a manufacturer by the Kraftfahrt Bundesamt. Today, Rolf Hartge is once again a manufacturer of exclusive automobiles, but this time they bear his name.

During the early years when all the Hartge brothers were tuning BMW cars, Rolf and Andreas left to co-found Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH, a company specialising in the tuning and personalisation of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

From its humble beginnings in the late 1980s Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH went from strength-to-strength, eventually becoming a global leader in Mercedes tuning. In 2007, Rolf sold the company at the hiatus of its success and retired.

However, it turned out that this was too soon, as ideas kept coming out of Rolf’s fertile mind. So with more potential to be fulfilled he has now returned, this time with a marque bearing his own name.

INNOVATION - a pioneer and trendsetter

Right from the start Rolf Hartge was a champion of ground-breaking innovations. His latent heat storage system, introduced back in 1993, helps to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and engine wear, while increasing safety and comfort. This is now standard in most modern cars.

The C-TRONIC ECO-BOX, an in-house-developed electronic map-driven auxiliary control unit that potentially reduces the fuel consumption of diesel vehicles by up to 20%, made its debut many years before competitors began to sell so-called “Eco-Tuning” devices that increase torque to improve efficiency.

Looking at the car as more than just transport, but rather an extension of a client’s lifestyle, Rolf Hartge entered into co-operation with the renowned fashion label Etienne Aigner to create haute couture on wheels.

Today, Rolfhartge is once again pioneering technical solutions for minimising air pollution in the cabin along with hygienic surface protection for vehicle interiors. Once again ahead of his time, Rolfhartge offers his customers various features that are still years away from being seen in mainstream production vehicles.



There is no better synonym for “German Engineering” or a more perfect basis for smart high-end individualisation than Mercedes-Benz. Just as a star chef selects only the very best ingredients for his culinary menu, Rolfhartge is focused exclusively on Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. This ensures that the owner of a vehicle personalised by Rolfhartge can be assured of the highest standards in all technical, safety and service-related matters.

A success story with exclusive automobiles in over 40 years




the best of the best

“A life without individuality is a life wasted” says Rolf Hartge. “Individuality is just as much an end in itself as luxury, and our goal is to create luxury products with innovative properties tailored to the real needs of individual human beings.”

SMART LUXURY is the leitmotiv that Rolf Hartge and his experienced team use to blend new ideas with past successes in their on-going search aimed at adding true value to the ownership experience.

Handcrafted products appeal to people with a strong individualistic streak. Tailored to specific client ideas and special wishes by a team of outstanding designers, engineers, and artisans, Rolfhartge cars are made to satisfy owners who place as high demands on themselves as they do on the products they own, and in whose quality they trust.

Unique selling points - SMART LUXURY - the pioneering spirit

The Team

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Production & Development


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Sales & Office Management


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Office Management


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