Haupt Racing Team trusts the AELUS air purifier system

Clean air during all races – that is something the Haupt Racing Team (HRT) can now depend on. The team owned by the Munich-based entrepreneur and racing driver Hubert Haupt introduced our innovative AELUS air purifiers at the beginning of the 2022 season. The highly mobile and compact devices accompany the team to all their DTM, GT World Challenge Europe and Nürburgring races.

With AELUS, Haupt Racing Team is taking the health of its drivers, employees and guests to a new level. The HEPA H13 filter and innovative UV technology, including a patented self-cleaning photo-catalysis sluice, allow the AELUS air filter to reduce harmful substances in the air to a minimum: AELUS filters out and retains viruses including the coronavirus, pollen, bacteria and other fine dust particles.

The AELUS devices can be found in Haupt Racing Team’s offices, trucks and hospitality: wherever people assemble and good air quality is essential. Here, AELUS helps to keep all those present healthy and also creates a good atmospheric environment, in which allergy sufferers in particular can feel safe and at ease. This is also confirmed by the famous racing driver Nico Bastian.