One legend in two stunning new designs as Rolfhartge G-Black and G-Gold based on the Mercedes-AMG G63

Two exceptional phenomenons in the world of exclusive automobiles: Designed as one-offs, made to the customers’ specifications, the vehicles are based on the most legendary of all SUVs, the Mercedes-AMG G 63, and offer its occupants maximum comfort and luxury “made in Germany”. Every individualization and enhancement shows the passion of the Rolfhartge employees, the expertise of more than fourty years of work in the automotive industry as well as the innovative power of Smart Luxury.

Both cars are equipped with ultra-light high-strength 10 X 22” “NUMBER TWO” forged wheels, the Rolfhartge chrome grille elements as well as an exclusive true carbon package. The powerful appearance of the G 63 is completed by exceptional color combinations: The G-Black Red Interior stands out with an exterior held in a deep and mysterious midnight black and contrasting interior furnishings in fiery and passionate Porsche Flamenco Red. The G-Gold has a stunningly glamorous appearance and star appeal with an excititing black and gold duo-tone paint.

The interiors can be completed by exclusive highlights such as high-quality full leather furnishings, individual seats with integrated 10.5-liter refrigerators as well as exquisite Alcantara headliners with more than 1000 color-changing fiber optic lights. For maximum safety and protection, the Rolfhartge healthcare package for interiors is included in all variants of the SUVs. It consists of an AELUS air purifier, the color of which matches the leather furnishings, and the innovative SURFACE+ interior surface protection, which offers proven antibacterial and antiviral protection.