The future of mobility at Hannover Fair

The feeling that time speeds up faster than our highest hp car – this reflects our emotions before, during and after our presentation at the internationally renowned Hannover Fair, where we presented our vision of the future of mobilty.

This year, the fair stood under the motto: „Let’s create the industry of tomorrow“. For the first time, it took place in a hybrid way, digitally and in person, opening up the possibility to present our company regionally as well as internationally by being present at the Saarland stand and at the same time, having people from all over the world visiting us. The orientation towards the future, the combination of personal exchange and digital innovations as well as the opportunity to act globally while also being regionally rooted meet our corporate values in an exceptional way and so it was clear to us that Hannover Fair is the right choice. Thus, there was Rolfhartge to feel and touch for more than 75000 visitors, giving exclusive insights into our latest developments. Our mobile high-tech office VIS à VIS premiered at the fair showing the future working world and giving an innovative solution to the new demands occuring due to the developments concerning autonomous driving as well as the need for new work concepts. Moreover, the equally forward-oriented AeroVan was presented for the first time. Its form as well as lightweight construction with the most innovative materials lead to a very low energy consumption, signifying another logic step towards sustainability, efficiency as well as conservation of resources.

We are happy that with the VIS à VIS, we were able to complete a wonderful vehicle just in time for being presented at the fair. We could overcome the difficulties resulting from the current crises by promoting regional-added value in our target markets and including our made in Germany quality standards. We would like to thank our reliable partners and suppliers, who are of highest priority for us, for supporting us in every respect. We were really glad having been able to get in touch with them at the fair as well as having had the opportunity to exchange opinions with so many experts, to obtain feedback and see people fascinated by our ideas and products. Both vehicles, the VIS à VIS as well as the AeroVan, were internationally recognized and very well received. Thus, we were looking forward to every new day at the fair.

We are especially happy that Jürgen Barke, the Saarland minister for economic affairs, visited our stand at the fair, tested our VIS à VIS and got to know all the advantages of the van office. And we are also proud of having been chosen as the only company of more than 2500 exhibitors to be accompanied for a reportage by the national TV channel ARD. During the reportage, our CEOs give exciting insights into our presentation at the fair as well as an exclusive look behind the scenes and talk about the challenges we had to face with respect to the current crises in the world.

Looking back upon the fair, our emotions are entirely positive and we are also looking forward to our upcoming events, where we can get in touch again with our clients, partners and service providers. The people who know us, will affirm: At Rolfhartge, it never gets boring – starting from a riding tournament where horsepower also plays a special role over next year’s Preußen Classic Rallye to an exclusive customer event at a romantic French Château, we like to keep things interesting.

In addition, there are many exciting digital projects to come. For all fans of Rolfhartge and people who want to transform their automobiles into a third space of living, we will soon launch our latest VIS à VIS catalog with all relevant information about the van office, amazing pictures as well as the equipment variants and order informations.

View the ARD reportage here: ard-mittagsmagazin-vom-2-juni-2022.