AELUS passes DEKRA crash test for passenger accident protection and receives new packaging

Passenger safety is a top priority for us as a family business. That’s why we had our AELUS put through its paces by the German testing company DEKRA in terms of passenger accident protection. For this purpose, it was subjected to various crash situations according to ECE 17 and other tests. It passed all these tests with flying colors and therefore receives the DEKRA test certificate. Thus, our mobile and easily retrofittable air purifier not only ensures clean air, but also serves the highest safety standards.

New packaging adds the final touch

The AELUS has already won several design awards. This award-winning design naturally deserves a packaging to match. After many optimization loops, we have finally completed it: compact, transport-safe and stylish. It gives our mobile and highly efficient air purifier the final touch and puts it on the pedestal it deserves.

More information about the AELUS, as well as the pre-order form can be found here: