The Rolfhartge
PSS Magnetic Field Therapy

in the MR 500


PSS (Performance Simulation System) Magnetic Field Therapy in the Rolfhartge MR 500

The CSITF China Shanghai International Technology Fair (April 18 to April 20, 2019) will showcase the Rolfhartge MR 500. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Maybach this flagship limousine features a world first in the form of a PSS Magnetic Field Therapy system built into its rear compartment.

The PSS system allows a rear seat passenger to receive Magnetic Field Therapy on the move as the calming prelude to an important meeting, or for aiding physical and mental recuperation after a busy and stressful day.

Certain health issues are caused by the natural magnetic fields in the body’s molecules going out of balance. The PSS Magnetic Field Therapy machine stimulates these fields and helps them return to normal.  

Other health problems can be caused by poor blood circulation. Magnetic Field Therapy encourages the blood vessels and capillaries to expand, and the increased blood flow improves the oxygen and nutrient supply to cells, and also discards waste more effectively. This increased cell efficiency has a positive effect whether a person is ill or healthy.


Equipped with PSS Magnetic Field Therapy equipment, AIR PURIFIER CAR, and bacterial repelling liquid glass Nano-coating, the Rolfhartge MR 500 is probably the healthiest space in the daily lives of its passengers. As such it is a unique and unrivalled offering for demanding customers who put a premium on their health. At Rolfhartge SMART LUXURY means combining the best with the best to create a better way of life.

Traditional Chinese doctors used the healing power of magnetic stones to good effect many hundreds of years ago, but without totally understanding how they worked. Today the effect is understood and many top athletes around the world rely on this natural treatment to enhance their performance before a competition, and to help regenerate afterwards.

A detailed instruction manual explaining the correct use of the PSS Magnetic Field Therapy device is included.