The Rolfhartge


for vehicles, home, office, and hotel

According to official figures from WHO (World Health Organisation), around seven million people worldwide die from air pollution each year. To put this in perspective that means five times more people die from breathing polluted air than are killed in road accidents (1.35 million). A similar ratio applies in Germany.
The driver is one of the most exposed to nitric oxide, with the harmful ratio present at intersections or in tunnels often ten times greater than the permitted limit of 40 microgrammes / 1 m3 of air.


To address this dangerous problem, Rolfhartge offers an innovative and highly efficient air filter that can be used in vehicles of all kinds. Weighing 1,200 grams this very quiet device is simply attached to a rear headrest and fed from any 12-volt power outlet in the cabin. With the optional AC/DC power supply, the portable AIR PURIFIER CAR can be used in small rooms at home, in the office, or in a hotel.

The filter technology

Three levels for the best possible air purification
  1. Washable sponge

    pre-filter for coarse dirt particles.

  2. UV bulb

    within titanium dioxide coated tube kills germs, harmful micro-organisms, destroys pollutants and reduces aggressive nitric oxide (NO2) through environmentally friendly photo-catalysis.
    (lifetime: 10,000 hours)

  3. Activated carbon filter

    extruded, through high porosity extremely large surface area and low pressure loss, reliably removes gases, cigarette smoke, odours from kitchens, paints, animals, chemicals in general, volatile organic compounds (VOC): formaldehyde (present in furniture, clothing, paints, carpets, floors, etc.), ammonia, benzene, toluene, etc.


This small device offers a comprehensive air purification system, with effectiveness previously only possible with large and expensive devices. The unique technology responsible for the effectiveness of the AIR PURIFIER CAR is the innovative use of three cleaning stages within a very compact package. This device is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with MSC syndrome (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and is totally safe for children and the elderly.

The technical data

Length: 300 mm
Diameter: 100 mm
Weight without console: 1,200 grams
Housing: aluminium, solvent-free
Voltage: 12 v
Consumption: 20 w
Noise: below 30 dBA
Air flow rate: 30 m3 / hour
Colour: Alcantara black. To order in leather, imitation leather, carbon-fibre or aluminium lacquered.

Individually manufactured in Germany with surface finish to order

Patent protected.

Product Information

AIR PURIFIER CAR comes with a 3 m long cable, 12-volt accessory plug, and user manual. Options include a universal console for a rear headrest, 230-volt power supply, console for indoor use, and operating instructions.