ROLFHARTGE presents its contribution to Hannover Messe 2024 with this year's theme "Energizing a Sustainable Industry"

Travelling without wasting time! With redundant internet connection through Starlink satellite communication and 5G mobile communications, photovoltaic system, transparent OLED T screen monitor, office system & more, optimized for virtual worlds in the #FutureCar powered by ROLFHARTGE, the all-electric mobile workspace of the future.


Using travel time effectively by working comfortably on the road without any connection problems during the journey? All that in a sustainable way? At Hannover Messe 2024, we will demonstrate this with the #FutureCar: a highly developed office van with latest technology based on the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQV, which has been fully tailored to the needs of tomorrow’s sustainable mobile working in collaboration with the August-Wilhelm-Scheer Institute.

“We are not only presenting a solution that facilitates mobile working on the road and provides a basis for future platform business models, especially for medium-sized companies in vehicles,” explains Dr. Dirk Werth, Managing Director of the August-Wilhelm-Scheer Institute. “Our model offers a multifunctional solution to make efficient use of the average time we spend in traffic jams and in the car. Whether in noise-insulated individual work, in virtual or physical conferences with digital boards or using VR applications in realities outside the vehicle.”
According to recent studies, we spend an average of 46 hours a year in traffic jams or in our cars – an entire working week is wasted every year through no fault of our own. “We make this time usable for business and thus not only create a higher quality of life, but also reduce the environmental impact of switching from plane to van with the all-electric office van,” adds Hendrik Hartge, Managing Director of ROLFHARTGE.


We presented the ROLFHARTGE Office Van as a prototype at Hannover Messe 2022. Since then, the Office Van has been further developed and has proven itself in extensive tests – both in the cold winter regions of Germany and on the hot roads of Thailand. The #FutureCar is a demonstrator for the future of mobile working, on the road to digital mobility transformation, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the “Mittelstand-Digital”-Initiative. But what exactly makes the #FutureCar special? Here is a selection of features and functions:


Leave Connectivity Problems like on train or plane in the past:

With the powerful Starlink satellite system with Mobile Priority and FlatHigh Performance antenna plus 5G router with roof antenna, ultra-high speeds of up to 3300 Mbit/s are possible, whether on the highway, in the city or in the countryside. In addition, the #FutureCar becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot with a range of up to several hundred meters, which can be switched off if required. Access is then possible with direct wired network connections, which offers additional data security.


The Power Supply is green and futuristic:

Designed for use in the marine sector, the seawater-resistant and hail-proof photovoltaic system with 4mm thin modules has been given a liquid glass finish by our long-standing partner and specialist for functional surface coatings Nanopool, to reduce reflection losses. Because of the coating and the ActiveWire technology for maximum efficiency, the system achieves a rated output of up to 300 watts. The solar energy generated is fed into a 2560 Wh auxiliary battery system and converted to provide 1700 watts of continuous output power. The battery management system with an integrated heating mat for charge control ensures battery-friendly, fully automatic charging in all conditions and provides an independent power supply. As this works independently of the on-board power supply, the vehicle’s range is not reduced even when there is a high demand for working power.


The heart of the #FutureCar is the interior design with multimedia system:

With 2 electrically fold-out 15.6-inch AirPlay and SmartTV ceiling monitors, a 1.89mm thin 32-inch OLED-T screen integrated in the side window, 2 high-resolution 4K conference cameras, 4 beamforming microphones, 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 230V sockets, the #FutureCar is in no way inferior to a stationary workstation. The specially developed fold-out worktable with integrated charging options can accommodate up to 4 people, who can work seamlessly and independently with the help of a sound-absorbing partition wall and a noise-absorbing headrest shield. The connection between computer and multimedia system is made possible by 2 separate USB docking stations. In addition, the interior of the van is optimized for VR/AR glasses, as the lighting conditions can be individually adjusted via dimmable window tinting in various modes.

The award-winning ROLFHARTGE Health Care Package with AELUS air purifier and SURFACE+ surface sealing based on proven medical technology ensures a reduced risk of infection for team-use. Extended seat rails provide more legroom, while other useful features include magnetic glasses, coolable and heatable cup holders, dimmable window tinting with whiteboard function and 2 x 500 LUX LED work lights. The sound- and heat-insulated body of the car ensures a low noise level, pleasant ambient temperature, and high energy efficiency. This turns the interior of the #FutureCar into a mobile conference room and co-working space, ideal for frequent drivers, planners, consultants, managers, and entrepreneurs who are often on the road with their teams.


The #FutureCar project will be presented from April 22 – 26, 2024 at the Hannover Messe 2024 at the stand of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the AWS Institute, the Mittelstand-Digital-Zentrum Saarbrücken, the BMWK, our colleagues, partners and everyone involved in this project.



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