From 'Performance' to 'Smart Luxury' – ROLFHARTGE is a guest in the new podcast episode of 'Deep Dive Wirtschaft.' Now available on Spotify, Deezer, and Google Podcasts.

With the goal of promoting innovation, growth, and employment in Saarland, “Deep Dive Wirtschaft” is a new podcast by IHK Saarland that focuses on trends, technologies, and transformation processes in the region. In the various episodes, insights and experiences from successful personalities or companies in the ever-changing business world are provided ..more

The contact with Dr. Thomé, CEO, and Dr. Mathias Hafner, Managing Director and Head of Information and Communication of IHK Saarland, was established in September 2021 during a visit to Linslerhof. The impressive history and regional impact behind ROLFHARTGE remained in their memory, leading to an exclusive interview as part of the new podcast “Deep Dive Wirtschaft.” In the episode “From Performance to Smart Luxury,” Hendrik and Rolf Hartge provide exciting insights into the future of tuning – which is no longer just about increasing performance, enhancing chassis, brakes, and merely enhancing the exterior of cars.

Discover how ROLFHARTGE has evolved into the philosophy of “Smart Luxury” through a fusion of motorsport enthusiasm, business anticipation, and forward thinking. Learn how father and son work alongside each other in their roles, and how passion, innovation, and the Chinese market could influence the automotive industry of tomorrow. Tune in for a journey through a modern understanding of tuning and beyond!

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