AELUS convinces physiotherapists

Especially the mobile use convinces in the physiotherapy practice

The five-member physiotherapy team Robin Freyermuth from Saarlouis, Saarland, has been using the AELUS in everyday professional life since September.

The practice is characterized by stylish treatment rooms that radiate a relaxed feel-good atmosphere for all visitors. For the practice team, professional advice and treatment according to the latest standards has top priority. In order to optimize the therapy success, it likes to fall back on innovative products. Robin Freyermuth and his staff are permanently and closely involved in their patients: “The use extends from the use in our practice, to home visits to patients, to longer car journeys, for example for further training.” Robin Freyermuth adds: “Under these conditions, the AELUS more than meets our high standards of portability.”

Treatment room of the practice Robin Freyermuth

A permanently high air quality is indispensable in the practice operation, especially in the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases. The state-certified physiotherapist Freyermuth reports: “Especially in the context of respiratory therapy, we notice a great interest in AELUS among our patients.They state that they feel safer during breathing exercises and also report subjectively better air quality. Overall, respiratory therapy can be implemented with a higher success.”

Robin Freyermuth’s team wanted to know even more about it and is now convinced: “With the help of a measuring device, we were able to definitively confirm the subjective perception of the patients and the team.”